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22/8/2019 10:26:15

Open Beta Playtesting


As I am nearing the final stages of development for Ten Days to War, I look forward to release an open-beta version of the game in order to get valuable feedback for improving the game before it's actual release on Steam.

Game's Price

Ten Days to War will release on Steam on the 16th of September for 9.99 USD, but will host a 15% launch sale for the first week of it's release.

When will playtesting begin?

I still have a few minor details to finish implementing in the game, so I do not know the exact date when I will release the open-beta.

What I do know is that it will arrive within the next week, two weeks at most!

Stay tuned!

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EBanzir - 28/11/2018 21:48:41
EBanzir - 28/11/2018 21:48:41