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25/12/2018 13:15:38

Closed Playtesting

In my two previous games released on Steam, Space Fighters and Galactic Lander, I have taken an approach of running a closed-beta giveaway prior to the game's release on Steam, and then finally publishing the game on Steam as planned.

This time, however I plan on doing things differently. Seeing as The Analyst is a unique game with a different playstyle from most other games, before publishing it to Steam I want to be certain that it is actually fun and playable; as is the whole point of a game.

In my two last game releases I have already planned to publish the game regardless really of how the closed-beta giveaways would work out. This time it's different. Depending on the feedback I get about The Analyst, I could either decide to go on to publish The Analyst, or trash it, and therefore intentionally throwing away months of hard work I feel passionate about.

Interested in taking part in the closed-playtesting stage? Keep an eye on my Twitter to be notified of when it begins.

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