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28/11/2018 20:48:41

Delivering Failure & Bad News

Unlike most other action spy games, my goal with The Analyst is try and show the player the dark, morally-shady, and mentally draining part of covert espionage. A big part of my plan to accomplish this is the method with which the game delivers the news of failure to the player when the player did not succeed.

A big challenge about this is trying to come up with a method which does not get (reasonably) repetitive and at the same time, packs the punch of failure I want the player to experience.

It may sound like The Analyst is going to be some sadistic game with no victories or happy endings, however that's not the whole picture. The accuracy of the 'intelligence' the player gathers in The Analyst will have a direct impact on how well the player accomplishes his mission.

Currently I am considering showing the player some newspaper which describes the terrorist attack the player failed to prevent, and the newspaper would talk about how many died and were injured, and some more details such as those, however this might not end up being the best solution. I have yet to see.

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