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3/4/2019 18:49:56

The Analyst Story Mode

Recently I have seen a couple of games on Steam which are completely story driven and follow a strict script.

My original idea with The Analyst was to have the player play in an 'infinite sandbox' mode of sorts and maybe later on add a story mode, but upon rethinking my approach I realized The Analyst has much more potential to deliver a great and unique story to the player.

Before, I was worried The Analyst would not be interesting or engaging enough, but now I can see the answer to my dilemma is to add an interesting story-playthrough the player would feel engaged and involved in, instead of just endlessly solving problems and repeating tasks.

Games such as a Gunpoint and Orwell: Ignorance is Strength have definitely been some good inspirations for this idea of mine.

My working schedule so far is to finish the new mechanics/improvements I plan to deliver for Galactic Lander, which in my opinion takes priority over The Analyst because it is already on the Steam store. Once I am done with my improvements for Galactic Lander only then would I be free to continue my development for The Analyst; and most importantly adding the story mode I think the game so desperately needs.

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