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4/12/2018 8:39:29

Informants And Intelligence Collection

My new challenge is figuring out how intelligence gathering would actually work in The Analyst. Gathering intelligence in order to stop terrorist attacks is the whole point of The Analyst, and so it's important for me to get this right.

I have had a couple of ideas so far

  • One had is for informants to passively collect intelligence just by going about their day, but allowing the player to instruct informants to deliberately go and collect intelligence which would yield more reward, but possess more risk.
  • The other option is that informants would not collect intelligence passively, but only do so when deliberately instructed to by the player. Therefore allowing the informant to rest or do other things in-between collecting intelligence.

The more things an informant does, the more experience he eventually gains and therefore the more important he becomes.

I would like to take advantage of my new comments system and ask, if you have a unique idea or just want to make your voice heard, feel free to leave a comment! I read everything.

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